NEW XCMG XC6-4517K Telescopic forklift telehandler loader
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XCMG  XC6-4517K Telescopic forklift telehandler loader for sale

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NEW XCMG XC6-4517K Telescopic forklift telehandler loader 4500kg load, 17 metres

XC6-4517V telescopic Handler is a new type of telescopic forklift independently developed and designed by XCMG. while
absorbing the advanced design and manufacturing technology of foreign telescopic forklifts and through extensive
market and technical research. This model is compact in structure, flexible in operation, sensitive in lifting, and self-leveling. It combines stability and high efficiency, and is suitable for a variety of material handling environments. Products
of the same type have won the title of National New Product and the Machinery Industry Science and Technology
Progress Award, leading the export of Chinas telescopic boom forklift industry and the domestic high-end market for
many years.

Since foundation in March 1943, XCMG has always kept its leading role in Chinese and World construction machinery industry.
As one of Top 5 World Manufacturers of excavator, loader, crane, roller, grader etc.
Industry position
Business leader of China telescopic handlers.
Business standards maker of China telescopic handlers.

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? Minimum quantity 1 machine

? Engine CUMMINS diesel
? Rated load 4500 kg
? Max Lifting Height:16700 mm
? Maximum lifting height 16700 mm
? Fork Length:1200 mm
? Delivery Time 7-10 days
? Supply Ability 1000/Year
? Certification:CE/ISO9001

Advantages and Highlights:
? New FOPS & ROPS cabin and integrated opening engine hood.
? Powerful international brand engines;
? Special CARRARO transmissions and axles for smooth drive.
? Top class full hydraulic wet brake system for reliable brake and safety traveling.
? The international top-level full-hydraulic wet brake system features stable and reliable braking and guarantees driving safety.
? Optional aerial working platform, bucket and various tools to meet customer needs.
? The frame leveling function equipped (The body is capable of 10 deg. swing in both leftward and rightward directions) realizes powerful site adaptability and meets the needs of diversified working conditions.


Equipped with diesel engines that meet Stage III emissions, with high reliability and fuel economy, low noise,
low emission, it is specially designed and manufactured for the working conditions of construction machinery.The power system adopts two-way vibration reduction technology, all-round elastic suspension, effectively overcome the resonance between the power system and the frame, reduce the noise and the fatigue damage of the power system.

Using domestic gearbox, superior performance, powerful function, fork installed to meet the requirements of various working conditions; front 2 and back 2 gears, for complex operation and frequent switching expansion arm fork installed, can effectively improve the economy and service life of the engine; electronic control shift, easy and simple operation, and effectively reduce the driver operation strength

Drive Axle
Adopt maintenance-free multi-plate wet brake bridge made in China, with spring brake and hydraulic release
function. The structure of the wet bridge is simple and compact, the internal system is free from external pollution, the brake sheet is infiltrated in the hydraulic oil and the heat dissipation is good. The wet brake can be maintenance-free because it is completely closed.

Hydraulic System
The vehicle adopts the full hydraulic wet braking system, the hydraulic pipeline is fully closed loop, can avoid the dust pollution in the atmosphere and reduce the reliability of the braking system, the manipulation is light, sensitive, braking force and control force proportional amplification, low pressure alarm, real-time monitoring

Brake system
The whole vehicle adopts a full hydraulic wet brake system. The hydraulic pipeline is a fully closed circuit, which can avoid the dust in the atmosphere polluting the oil and reducing the reliability of the brake system.
It is easy and sensitive to operate. The brake force and the control force are scaled up in proportion, low pressure alarm, and real-time monitoring.

Moment Limited System
The system consists of a weighing sensor and a control display, with both leg support and no leg
support conditions.The system detects whether the vehicle is overloaded by detecting the deformation of the rear axle.When the vehicle is approaching the full load, the system will prompt the operator through the red indicator light. When the vehicle is overloaded, the system will limit the extension and landing of the large arm by cutting off the relevant pilot oil road.The system performance is stable and
reliable, which can effectively prevent the vehicle from tipping over.

Cab and Control System
New luxury comfort cab modelling, sealing vibration and acoustic noise reduction, interior space is big, eye shot is open, beautiful interior, joystick, dashboard are in accordance with the principle of human body engineering, joystick, button switch is within reach, equipped with comfortable suspension seat, keep drivers has been the best comfort, homework easier. The cab is equipped with heating and cooling air conditioning
(standard), multi-window three-dimensional air supply, that is, rapid defrosting, fully meet the needs of
the operator for heating and cooling.
The seat and direction device can be adjusted at will, equipped with the receiving and discharge machine, smoke lighter, electric fan, emergency hammer, fire extinguisher, anti-skid floor, front, rear and top wiper. The cab is fully sealed, and the design concept of people-oriented is reflected everywhere, providing operators with a safe and comfortable working environ

Various oil level inspection, oil addition and grease filling and other maintenance points are arranged in easily accessible parts, and the maintenance and disassembly of the air filter element and electrical equipment can be convenient.The use of large side door, top-turn engine hood, can make the engine and cooling system completely exposed, convenient to check and add the engine oil level and replace the filter element, maintenance is easy and simple.Parallel structure integrated fuse box, the whole machine electrical centralized control, troubleshooting is convenient and

The frame has the horizontal leveling function (the body can swing from left to right 10), to ensure that the site is not smooth, the frame is always horizontal, and the front side of the frame is equipped with support legs, to ensure the stability and safety of the high fork, improve the operation range and the stability of the whole machine.Using integral frame, engine, cab separated on both sides of the frame, telescopic arm layout in the middle position, reasonable layout, concise structure, reduce the pressure and irregular weld, strengthen the important bearing parts, the key hinge point adopts the solid installation, can withstand various conditions of torque and impact load.To provide an effective guarantee for the safe operation.

Working Device
The working device adopts four telescopic boom structure, including telescopic cylinder, amplitude variable oil cylinder, auxiliary leveling oil cylinder, etc., through the working device hydraulic system to control the amplitude and expansion of the telescopic boom, the boom structure is optimized by finite element analysis to reduce stress concentration, safe and reliable work, and can meet all kinds of bad working conditions.
The front end of the telescopic boom is equipped with a fork, and a bilateral hydraulic cylinder compensation automatic leveling system, which can automatically control the fork and the ground always keep the same Angle in the process of the telescopic boom amplitude, to ensure the stability and safety of the high fork lift.

The specification of the XCMG XC6-4517K Telescopic forklift telehandler loader

Gross weight kg 13500
Engine power kW 82(CUMMINS)/74.9(DDE)
Rated load kg 4500
Maximum lifting height mm 16700
Maximum forward reach mm 12600
Center distance of load mm 600
Luffing angle -4~73 deg.
Fork angle -90~18 deg.
Maximum traction force kN ≥70
Gradeability ≥25 deg.
Maximum traveling speed km/h 36
Turning radius mm ≤5000
Braking distance m ≤10 (Initial speed 32+-2km/h)
Overall length mm 6960
Overall width mm 2500
Overall height mm 2850
Wheelbase mm 3900
Wheel tread mm 2060
Fork length mm 1200

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
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