NEW Shantui HW26M-3 ultra heavy-load Road Roller
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Shantui  HW26M-3 ultra heavy-load Road Roller for sale

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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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NEW Shantui HW26M-3 Road Roller
ENGINE POWER: 140kW/1800rpm

Shantui SR26MA ultra heavy-load mechanical vibratory roller integrates advantages of domestic heavy-load rollers;

1. The systems are reasonably equipped for reliable and outstanding performance;
2. The machine compacts various construction and road building materials via its own weight and exciting force; it features reliable performance and the best cost performance;
3. It is applicable to compaction of various non-clay soil, such as gravels, crushed stones, mixture of sand and stone and concrete.

Operating cost of the Shantui HW26M-3 Road Roller
- The proprietary match technology can achieve high operating efficiency and reasonable fuel economy.
- The configuration of brand core parts achieves high quality and reliability and reduces the malfunction downtime.

Working performance of the Shantui HW26M-3 Road Rollerr
- The high-strength three-point swing M frame for front wheels guarantees the uniform compacting on rugged ground.
- The special tires for construction machinery feature good wear resistance and long life.
- The hydraulic drive and the stepless speed regulation achieve comfortable and efficient operations, avoid the material accumulation due to sudden acceleration and deceleration, and guarantee high compacting evenness.
- The four-stage brake features short braking distance and high safety and meets the needs under diversified working conditions.

High operating comfort
- The full-enclosed cab and the air purifier can guard the driver against the influence of severe working environment.
- The traveling of machine is controlled by electronic control shifting joystick to achieve comfortable and handy operations, effectively mitigate operators fatigue, and improve the operating efficiency.
- The lifting of blade is controlled by mechanical linkage, featuring simple operations and convenient repairs.

The specification of the Shantui HW26M-3 ultra heavy-load Road Roller

Parameter name HW26M-3 Road Roller (Standard version)
Operating weight (Kg) 26000
Exciting force (KN) 435/315
Vibration frequency (Hz) 29/35
Engine model WP6
Rated power/rated speed (kW/rpm) 140/1800
Overall dimensions of machine (mm) 6442*2432*3314
Forward speed (km/h) 2.8/5.5/9.0
Reversing speed (km/h) 2.8/5.5/9.0
Fuel tank (L) 375
Compacting width (mm) 2170

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Shantui  HW26M-3 ultra heavy-load Road Roller  for sale

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