NEW Hydraulic Automatic Heavy-duty Disc Harrow BZ-2.2
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Hydraulic Automatic Heavy-duty Disc Harrow BZ-2.2 for sale

ID: 1996   
Units Available:   30
Category: Harrow
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
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NEW Hydraulic Automatic Heavy-duty Disc Harrow BZ-2.2 for Farming
No. of discs 22
Disc diameter mm 610/660
Disc spacing mm 23
Simple-reliable and durable at a low price

1. High resistible, heat treated discs notched at front and plain at rear or alternated;
2. Transport tyres also ensure optimum working depth control;
3. Ease and speed of set up into the work/transport position;
4. Easy gang angling adjustment with locking device standard manual or hydraulic(Optional);
5. Increased inter-disc spacing and disc scrapers preventing trash built up;
6. Hydraulic folding to reduce the transport width for easy and safe transportation;
7. Spacers and bearing housings made from Steel for trouble free long working life.

What is Harrow Tool?

Farm tractor harrow is a tool used in agriculture to break up and smooth out the soil. In this way, it differs from the plough as plough do deeper tillage. Farmers use tractor harrow on fields to smooth out the rough finish left by ploughing operations. The harrow implement breaks up clods and provides a more delicate finish, good tilth, or soil structure suitable for seedbed use.
Harrow Tool can also remove weeds and cover seed after it has been sown.
However, Harrow for Agriculture differs from cultivators in that they disturb the entire surface of the soil, such as when preparing a seedbed, rather than only narrow trails that skirt crop rows.

What is the Purpose of Harrowing?

As we know, farmers use Harrow for Agriculture after the ploughing operations.
It is because of the functioning of the harrow machine. The purpose of the harrow machine is to pulverise the soil, break up crop residues, uproot weeds, and cover the seed. The device has an old history like the Egyptians, and other ancient peoples used shaped wooden harrows, and the Romans made harrows with iron teeth.

What are the Advantages of Harrow?

Harrow farm implement has numerous advantages that aid in soil management.
The following are the advantages of harrow farm implement:

The harrow agriculture machine cultivates the soil with great precision.
Also, it Improves the aeration and surface uniformity of the ground.
It is effective at eliminating weeds and killing those that have already emerged. Thoroughly pulverising the soil.

The specification of the Hydraulic Automatic Heavy-duty Disc Harrow BZ-2.2

Model Unit BZ-2.2
No. of discs 22
Disc diameter mm 610/660
Disc spacing mm 23
Working depth mm 20
Weight kg 2100
Fitted power hp 80-90

Warranty terms service
12 months
Hydraulic Automatic Heavy-duty Disc Harrow BZ-2.2  for sale Hydraulic Automatic Heavy-duty Disc Harrow BZ-2.2  for sale

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