Solar Lighting Tower (VS Series)
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Solar Lighting Tower (VS Series)

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Year of Manufacture: 2022
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NEW Solar Lighting Tower (VS Series) 4VS400

Light style & IP grade LED Flood & IP66
Light number & power 4x100W
LED luminous efficiency (LM/W) 110
LED life-span(h)> 50000
Batteries style Solar gel battery
Batteries number & capacity (Ah) 4x200
Battery & light rated voltage (V, DC) 24

Solar powered light towers are becoming a great alternative to diesel-driven light towers.
The new generation of solar light towers enables users to reduce CO2 emissions while enjoying the functionalities of a traditional model.
A portable solar light tower is, in fact, a more sustainable solution that still provides efficiency and high performance. So, end-users can take on greener operations and comply with the CO2 emissions and noise regulations.

This user-friendly portable solar light tower features solar panels that can be pulled out from the canopy.
The many hours of light, free of noise and CO2 emissions. Moreover, installing an additional battery set can reach 20 hours of autonomy.

Energy demand or the external temperature when discharging can affect any solar light towers autonomy. To extend it, the lights have a dimming function. By adjusting the flood lights brightness users reduce energy consumption, saving where there is no need for the total light output.
This solar-powered light tower has a socket that enables recharging from any power source.

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Solar Lighting Tower (VS Series)  for sale Solar Lighting Tower (VS Series)  for sale

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