NEW Fotma FM350 Tractor
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Fotma FM350 Tractor for sale

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International Certifications: EU, China, USA
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Year of Manufacture: 2022
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NEW Agricultural Fotma FM350 Tractor 4×2

1. Farm tracktor Compact structure, built-inside reducer;
2. Higher transmission efficiency, better sealability, more flexible operation.
3. New 10+2 gearbox, independent intellectual property rights;
4. Multipal gears, higher transmission efficiency;
5. Brand new fashionable streamlined hood.

1. Adopt Xinchai diesel engine, good reliability, large reserves of torque, low fuel consumption, high economic efficiency;
2. Double-function clutch,10 inches, high transmission capacity, reliable, comfortable manipulation;
3. Gearbox using 4 × 3(1 +1) engaging sleeve, shuttle-type gearshift, there are 12 forward gears, 12 reverse gears, reasonable match between the gears, and have high efficiency;
4. Independent power take off device, smooth transmission, large capacity, speed (540/760, 540/1000 r/min) for selection to meet the different operation requirements;
5. Full hydraulic front wheels steering, independent oil circuit for steering system, manipulating flexible, reliable, and save energy;
6. Adopt hydrostatic disc-type brakes, a large braking torque, the braking effect is good;
7. Adopt high pressure type lifting device, reliable, easy maintenance, multi-hydraulic output can be optioned;
8. Final transmission adopts planetary gear mechanism, compact structure, large reduction ratio;
9. New streamlined appearance, generous, modern, fashion;
10. Control levers can be mounted at side as optional, more convenient and comfortable.

The specification of the Fotma FM350 Tractor

Without cab & canopy Tractor Model FM350

General Specifications
Wheel drive type 4×2
Rated Traction Force (KN) 7.5
Main output power of P.T.O. (KW) >22.86
Constructional Weight (Kg) 1320 / 1410

Front Wheel Tread (mm) 1125(adjustable)
Rear Wheel Tread (mm) 1170(adjustable)

Wheel Base (mm) 1705 / 1840

Minimum Turning Radius (m) 3.3+-0.2
Minimum Land Clearance (mm) 440

Standard of tyre
Front 5.0-15 | Rear 11.2-24

3105×1510×2105 / 3195×1510×2065 3
Fuel tank capacity (L) 50
Type SD2105T1 / TY3100 I
Cylinder number 2/3
Bore × Stroke (mm) φ100×115 / φ90×95
Rated Revolution (r/min) 2300

Rated Power (Kw) 25.4
Max Torque (N.m) 121
Revolution When Max Torque (r/min) ≤1610
Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h) <250
Oil Consumption (g/kw.h) <1.84

Transmission System
Clutch One-stage, Dry type.
Transmission Box Straight teeth (4+1)*2 plane combined

Working Devices
Lifter Tilling Depth Control Position adjustable
Max. Lifting Capacity (KN) >5.72

P.T.O type
Postposition, not independent.
Speed of P.T.O. (r/min) 540/1000 or 750/1000 or 540/750
Suspension Type Three-Point, I category.

Replacement of the below engine
Item 4L22BT
Cylinder number 4
Bore × Stroke (mm) Φ85×95
Rated Revolution (r/min) 2350
Rated Power (Kw) 25.7
Max Torque (N.m) >124
Revolution When Max Torque (r/min) <1700
Fuel Consumption (g/kw.h) <248
Oil Consumption (g/kw.h) <2.72
The corresponding tractor model FM350S

Note: The whole size and weight will be different slightly because of the devices vary.

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
Fotma FM350 Tractor  for sale Fotma FM350 Tractor  for sale

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