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Year of Manufacture: 2024
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Description XCMG LW300FN Wheel front loader

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NEW XCMG LW300FN wheel front loader with Rock Bucket capacity 1.5m³, Operating weight 10600 kg

XCMG LW300FN wheel loader is a new generation of full build wheel loader especially suitable for the working condition of overloading of the K series loader dominant model, in the absorption of the introduction of foreign advanced design and manufacturing technology at the same time, by the broad market and technology research and development and design of a new type of loader. This machine can meet the requirements of high strength and continuous operation, in, comfort, safety, reliability, maintainability, and have significant improve work efficiency, won a good market.

Since foundation in March 1943, XCMG has always kept its leading role in Chinese and World construction machinery industry.
As one of Top 5 World Manufacturers of excavator, loader, crane, roller, grader etc.

? We sell all machinery at the factory selling price.
? Spare Parts: We have 9 years experience of supplying construction machines and spare parts, both genuine or high quality OEM at good price.
? All machines are in stock and ready for shipment
? Minimum quantity 1 machine

? Bucket Capacity: 1.8 m3
? Machine Weight: 10800 kg
? Engine WEICHAI WP6G125E22 euro 2
? Rated operating load 3000 kg
? Tyre size 17.5-25-12PR
? Delivery Time 7-10 days
? Supply Ability 100 units per month

Features of XCMG LW300FN Wheel front loader
Fixed-shaft power shift gearbox, forward 4 gears, backward 2 gears, time-tested, stable performance, low failure rate, can meet the requirements of different working conditions.
Single pump diversion, load sensing steering technology, high system efficiency, energy saving and oil saving; The pressure measuring point is drawn out and the centralized pressure measuring device is adopted to facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic system.
The working device adopts the overall optimization design, u-shaped beam, with strong lifting force and driving force; New type of bucket, small insertion resistance, good wear resistance, high bucket coefficient.
The whole car circuit adopts imported waterproof and dust-proof sealing plug, centralized fuse box, reliable performance, beautiful and generous.
All metal moulded cab, strong structure, luxurious interior, seamless glass docking, wider vision, beautiful appearance, long to maintain the new car color.

International quality hydraulic and electrical components
International brand hydraulic pumps provide more powerful hydraulic power.
It adopts Italian alpha hydraulic hose, which is heat-resistant, pressure-resistant and has a long life.
The hydraulic system has a high-pressure automatic unloading function, which increases the working efficiency of the whole machine,
reduces the heat of the hydraulic system, and reduces the energy loss of the hydraulic systems high-pressure overflow.
The combined operation traction is further improved, energy saving is better, and operation efficiency is higher.
People-oriented, safe and comfortable: spacious, comfortable and safe driving space

Power system
By WEICHAI WP6G125E221 engine, energy saving and environmental protection, strong power, meet China stage II emission standards. At the same time increase the water cooling area, overcome the problem of high temperature, is conducive to the reliability of components and system improvement. Pressure measuring device, temperature measuring device with electronic sensing system, the user repair and maintenance more convenient.

Transmission system
The transmission part adopts the fixed shaft power shift gearbox and single-phase three element torque converter is connected with 4 forward speeds and 2 backward gear multi gears, which can meet the different speed. The fixed shaft type gear box has the advantages of high reliability, long service life, high transmission efficiency, simple structure, convenient manufacture and maintenance, with the advantages of portability, shifting balance. In addition to meet the requirements of the torque converter torque of the structure, with 3 power interface, can simultaneously drive 3 attachments (such as pump, steering pump) to work together to improve the dynamic performance of the whole machine, stable transmission. The maximum traction force 90KN.

Hydraulic system
The reliable of the split flow of single pump, the load sensing steering technology, using a high pressure and large discharge pump, integrated distribution valve, manual control, system has the advantages of high efficiency and energy saving. Boom lift cylinder diameter increased by 110mm for 125mm, the lifting capacity increased by 30%, three and the same time. Double sealing pipeline to reduce leakage and improve the reliability. The pressure point, the pressure measuring device, convenient detection and maintenance of hydraulic system.

Work unit
Working device of the overall optimization design, so the machine has strong lift force and digging force, maximum digging Likeda 120kn, all kinds of pin shaft using special materials, special heat treatment process, high strength, good abrasion resistance, long service life. The new bucket type, the insertion of small resistance, high coefficient of full scoop.

Front and rear frame
Hinged frame in the joint bearing, ensure the reliability of the hinged front and rear frame. The continuation of the structural characteristics of XCMG products and rear frame is still used reliable single plate girder structure, through the finite element analysis of improved structural strength, make the machine more safe and reliable. With large weight, fuel tank rear, greatly improve the stability of the whole machine, tipping load and breakout force. The sub frame structure, more suitable for different road conditions and. The rear axle swing angle, can effectively avoid the hanging wheel in the potholes work phenomenon.

Electrical system
Electrical system adopts advanced batteries and electrical components, with the domestic advanced instrument, has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, all switch control, instrumentation, lighting set alarm indication as a whole, the high precision and high reliability of instruments and sensors, special lighting.

Brake system
With the vehicle braking and parking brake, the driving brake adopts the gas cap oil caliper disc type four wheel brake, and has the advantages of stable and reliable braking, safety, reliability, simple structure and convenient maintenance.

Control system
The variable speed control system is improved, the operation is more convenient and accurate, and the labor intensity of the operator is reduced. The accelerator pedal valve and flexible operating mode, the throttle is more comfortable and flexible.

The new structure of the cab, the use of automobile manufacturing process, die stamping, pulse welding, the appearance and the car as beautiful. All glass, windshield, wide field of vision. A new type of six direction adjustable vibration damper, in compliance with safety standards and ergonomics, the ride is more comfortable. A variety of rubber sleeve to make the drivers chamber sealing better. The new shape of the interior using a hot press molding, which uses the sound insulation of the plant fiber board (natural degradation), the outer layer of the use of heat insulation of the hollow fiber, the outermost layer of the high density PVC.

Engine hood
The streamlined, with skeleton structure, die stamping process, beautiful appearance, and to ensure that the engine cover the overall strength and stiffness, and the arc weights and battery to form an organic whole. The whole hood phosphating, electrophoretic coating, keep the car color for a long time. At the same time, the gas spring control side door opening mechanism enhances the performance of the whole machine maintenance.

The specification of the XCMG LW300FN Wheel front loader

Rated operating load kg 3000
Bucket capacity m3 1.5~2.5
Machine weight kg 10600 +-200
Dump clearance at maximum lift mm 2770~3260
Reach at maximum lift mm 1010~1210
Wheel base mm 2600
Tread mm 1850
Height of hinge at maximum lift height mm 3830
Working height(fully lifted) mm 4870
Max.breakout force kN 130 power kN 95
Hydraulic cycle time-raise s 5.5
Total hydraulic cycle time s 10
Min. turning radius over tyres mm 5165
Articulation angle 35+-1 Deg.
Gradeability 28 Deg.
Tyre size 17.5-25-12PR
Overall machine dimension LxWxH mm 7050x2482x3118
Model WP6G125E22
Emission standards Emission 2
Rated Power/Speed kW/rpm 92/2200
Fuel Tank L 170
Hydraulic Tank L 170
1-gear(F/R) km/h 8/10
2-gear(F/R) km/h 13/30
3-gear(F) km/h 2 4/-
4-gear(F) km/h 40/-

Warranty terms service
12 months since arrival at destination port
With professional service teams and exceptional skills, we focuses on clients and provides whole-life cycle and whole-process service including delivery training, on-site service, maintenance, spare-part supply and secondhand disposal, etc.
Also can be extended warranty services according to customer requirements when both sides negotiated.

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Manufactured by: XCMG
International Certifications: EU, China, USA
Category: Wheel loaders
Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture: 2024
The price: P.O.A.
  QTY Available:   8
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