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We are a global online distributor and supplier of New agricultural, construction, mining machinery and equipment.
We supply machinery within two key sectors: agriculture and construction directly from the manufacturers' factories. Our commitment to delivering first-in-class service is consistent, regardless of company scale or budget. We set the standard for customer service it is the most important thing to us. Its why our customers keep coming back to us, and it makes us stand out from the competition. Our customers include the public and private sector companies, international aid agencies and private individuals from Africa, Australia, Middle Est and Latin America..

We are working only with brands that have established themselves in the global marketplace.
That's why our customers get the most innovative and reliable machinery at the lowest possible price.

Worldwide Exports

We can provide a comprehensive freight forwarding service.
Exports to any part of the world are possible and our freight department can deal with any shipment of equipment whether its 1 item or 1000 items. We can offer sea, or air freight.
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We maintain and operate a number of website domains as shown below containing the same database information.
  1. www.new-machinery.com
  2. www.stroicar.com
  3. www.army-uk.com
  4. www.armyuk.co.uk
  5. www.exmod-uk.com
  6. www.army-uk.info
  7. www.africa-uk.com
  8. www.dbrush.net
  9. www.toprest.com
  10. www.africa-uk.com

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