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Spare parts for BV206  EX.MOD direct sales

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Spare parts for BV206

Inquiry: 53169
Manufactured by:   Hagglunds    ID: 215 | Ref MOD:0
Units Available for sale:   5000  

Condition: NEW

Mileage Hrs/Kms: 0
Year of Manufacture:
The price: P.O.A.

+ Photo's shown above may represent a vehicle type rather than an actual vehicle, vehicles are available serviced and painted to customers preference. The specification do not necessarily show the standard version of the machine.
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SPEC SHEET (Description) Spare parts for BV206

new Any new spares parts for the HUGGLUNDS BV206:
Injection Pipe
Sun Visor
Steering Kit
Mercedes Gearbox
Gear Lever
Jerry Cans
Transfer Studs
Rear Swing Arm
Ram Elevation
Any Hydraulic Hose
Shaft Coupling
Gear Transfer
Water Pumps
Pre Heat Chamber
Plate Transmission
Oil Seal
Warning Light Unit
Universal Joint
Washer Collar
Crown Pinnions
Water Pump Housing
Hydraulic caps and filters
Filter Breather
Plug Oil
Master Cylinder
Rubber Window Seals
Thermostat Housing
Air Filters
Oil Seals
Wheel Oil Seals
Rubber Brake Pedal Pads
Any Window for BV206
Door Glass (Complete)
Steering Pump
Engine Fans
Stabilising Ram
Transfer Gear Box
Any Hydraulic Hose
Rubber Gator
Idler Wheels with Bearing and Caps
Injector Pipe
Gear Box Set up Switch
Engine Head Gasket Kit
Radiator Core
Mercedes Crank Shaft
Gear Box Brake Mount
Diesel Fuel Heater
Throttle Linkage Cable
Seat Adjusters
Brake Pedal, Hand Brake
Spare Fuel (petrol or deisel) Jerry Cans for mounting to front of rear body on BV206

Used engine Petrol (Gasoline) Version
NEW engine Ford ZSO 424 RANGE 2,4 Litre 4 Cylinder Turbo Diesel
Technical Features:
- Direct injection combustion system with four valves per cylinder giving excellent
fuel economy and low emission levels
- Twin chain driven overhead camshafts (hollow) operating the valves via rocker
arms and hydraulic tappets
- Camshaft carrier to support both camshafts
- Aluminium cylinder head in two pieces (reduced height) - Aluminium
intermediate housing with separate
pressed steel oil pan to increase cylinder block stiffness and reduce noise
- Multilayer steel cylinder head gasket - Chain driven oil pump
- Combined oil filter and oil cooler
- Electronically controlled and chain driven fuel injection pump
- Electric fuel lift pump
- Electronically controlled EGRsystem
- Engine testing and fault diagnosis can be carried out by
means of the WDS analyser via the Data
Link Connector in the wiring loom
- Thermo-plastic intake manifold
- Integrated turbocharger/exhaust
- Central two stage high pressure fuel injectors for improved
- Sound deadened steel front cover

AND MORE...........................



Released from service by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence)
Location: The Rocket site, DN10 6ET, Doncaster, The UK

Export Requirements: NLR Stock (No Licence Required)

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