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Units Available: 1

ID: 284
Winget 400R concrete mixer. This item has been used by the military and has done 1,500 hours only. Mechanically fed reversing drum concrete mixer with a gross drum volume of 2100 litres, un-mixed capacity of 600 litres, mixed batch output capacity 400 of litres and a maximum production rate ...

Manufactured by: Winget
Category: Winget »» Concrete mixing plant
, weight: 2 (kg)

Units Available: 7

ID: 580
Multilift hook systems as removed from drops trucks ...

Manufactured by: HIAB
Category: HIAB »» Attachments equipment

Units Available: 10

ID: 420
Ekalift military container handling trailer Ekalift container handling unit mounted on 3 tri axle EX.MOD trailer. These units are capable of carrying 20 ft containers.The unit is powered from the hydraulic system of the truck and therefore does not require a engine. Ekalift system is a ...

Manufactured by: Ekalift
Category: Ekalift »» Ex.Military Trailers

Units Available: 2000

ID: 267
new Angus 23 metre 70mm fire hose as used on Fire Engines Unused ex reserve stock, angus high quality duraline hose. Complete with alimunium instintanious couplings. 2,000 lenghts avaialbe ex stock. Length 23 metreHeight 70mmManufacturer Angus ...

Manufactured by: Mercedes
Category: Mercedes »» Fire & Rescue Trucks

Units Available: 1200

ID: 515
new Large qucntity of 6 "layflat hose supplied with victolic couplings and seels. All unused ex reserve stock. Length 23 metresManufacturer UK Height 6 "(153mm) ...

Manufactured by: England
Category: England »» Fire & Rescue Trucks

Units Available: 2

ID: 445
Compair 255-24 compressor.These compressors have been used by the military along side their drill rigs. They can be used for any job where a large high pressure compressor is required. They have a maximum working pressure of 25.5 bar. Mounted on 2 axle fast tow trailerCaterpillar ...

Manufactured by: CompAir
Category: CompAir »» Compressors
,  wheelbase: 4x0, weight: 6840 (kg)

Units Available: 5

ID: 385
new Unused Iveco centre axle as fitted to Iveco 330 - 30 6x6 dumpersManufacturer Iveco Type: 91450009550 Part number: 4606 - 4633Export Requirements ...more NLR (No Licence Required) ...

Manufactured by: Iveco
Category: Iveco »» Repair complete sets

Units Available: 15

ID: 670
Reconditioned Bedford TM 4x4 gearboxes boxed. Quantity available. ...

Manufactured by: Bedford
Category: Bedford »» New engines

Units Available: 17

ID: 231
Ekalift SRTE is a demountable load handling system which is operated by a drops vehicle. It is designed to pickup fully laden flatracks by two hydraulic cranes. These units are operated hydraulically off the trucks PTO pump and do not require an engine. All units are ex military reserve ...

Manufactured by: Ekalift
Category: Ekalift »» Specialist Plant

Units Available: 1

ID: 683
new De-mountable Skid Lube / Service Station as can be fitted to a vehicle fitted with the Multilift System. These units consist of: 20ft Drops Base Unit with Twist Locks which is outfitted with Manufacturer LJC As standard:- 4 x Oil / Fuel / Water Tanks 1 x 205 Ltr Grease Ta ...

Manufactured by: England
Category: England »» Ex.Military Refueling end Lube Oil Trucks

Units Available: 4

ID: 523
Marshalls 12,000 litre drops fuel tanks The marshalls drops fuel rack was developed for the UK MoD to provide a self contained, stand alone dispenser of a wide range of vehicle and aviation fuels. The 12,000 litre fuel tank is divided into 3, 4,000 litre compartments having internal baffling and ...

Manufactured by: Marshall
Category: Marshall »» Ex.Military Refueling end Lube Oil Trucks

Max-load: 12 (t)

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