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11 position for sale

Units Available: 1

ID: 284
Manufactured by: Winget
Category: »» Concrete mixing plant
, weight: 2 (kg)


Units Available: 7

ID: 580
Manufactured by: HIAB
Category: »» Attachments equipment


Units Available: 10

ID: 420
Manufactured by: Ekalift
Category: »» Ex.Military Trailers


Units Available: 2000

ID: 267
new Manufactured by: Mercedes
Category: »» Fire & Rescue Trucks


Units Available: 1200

ID: 515
new Manufactured by: England
Category: »» Fire & Rescue Trucks


Units Available: 2

ID: 445
Manufactured by: CompAir
Category: »» Compressors
,  wheelbase: 4x0, weight: 6840 (kg)


Units Available: 5

ID: 385
new Manufactured by: Iveco
Category: »» Repair complete sets


Units Available: 15

ID: 670
Manufactured by: Bedford
Category: »» New engines


Units Available: 17

ID: 231
Manufactured by: Ekalift
Category: »» Specialist Plant


Units Available: 1

ID: 683
new Manufactured by: England
Category: »» Ex.Military Refueling end Lube Oil Trucks


Units Available: 4

ID: 523
Manufactured by: Marshall
Category: »» Ex.Military Refueling end Lube Oil Trucks

Max-load: 12 (t)


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