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NEW  Caterpillar Olympian 200 KVA silent generator set.  EX.MOD direct sales

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NEW Caterpillar Olympian 200 KVA silent generator set.

NEW  Caterpillar Olympian 200 KVA silent generator set.  EX.MOD direct sales




The Specifications of the Olympian Caterpillar 200 KVA silent generator set

Engine Perkins 8.7 L 325 HP
Reliable Perkins diesel engines power these
Olympian generator sets that deliver industry leading fuel efficiency and product life,
while meeting current emissions standards.
Industrial capacity (approximately 10 dB A reduction) engine silencer is supplied
loose. Service points are positioned for safe, easy access.
All generator sets are shipped with engine oil and coolant.

Control Panel Olympian Caterpillar 200 KVA
Standard control panel is fully equipped with all necessary
engine gauges, AC meters and warning lamps. Key-start panel
is standard for sets to 88 kVA.
Auto-start panel is standard on
100 kVA sets and above.

Fully sealed regulator accurately maintains load voltage at +0.5% from no load to full load.

Voltage Regulator
Fully rated mainline circuit breaker housed in vibration-isolated
sheet steel enclosure, with removable cover plate, mounted
integrally with generator set.
Oversized electrical stub-up area is located directly below circuit breaker and can be terminated both
vertically and horizontally.

Vibration Isolators
Rubber pad anti-vibration mountings isolate tank base
and control tower from engine/generator assembly.

Tank Base
Tank base incorporates enhanced lifting and mounting points. Anti-vibration pads affixed between the engine/generator feet and base isolate rotating parts.
Welded steel tank base is standard on the 26 to 200 kVA range.

Starter Motor, Alternator, Batteries and Cables
All generator sets include a new industry leading high-capacity,
maintenance-free battery, battery rack (mounted on the tank
base) and heavy-duty interconnecting cables with terminations.

Cartridge-type, heavy-duty, industrial-quality air filters
include a service indicator.
Oil and fuel filters are replaceable canister-type.

STANDARD Features Caterpillar Olympian 200 KVA silent generator set

Engine lubricating oil
- Antifreeze/corrosion inhibitor coolant fill
- Steel tank base with drip tray, lifting
and dragging points - Vibration isolators between
engine/generator mounts and tank base
- New improved starting battery(ies)
- Battery charging alternator
- Enlarged battery rack and cables,
installed on tank base
- Exhaust silencer
- Main-line circuit breaker
- Factory tested to full load specifications
- Full protective guarding with access hatches
- Oversized electrical stub-up area directly below circuit breaker
- Emergency stop - Digital auto-start panel (100 kVA and above)
- Isochronous electronic governor (100 kVA and above)
- Coolant and lube drains piped to edge of base
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