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M1000 HETS 40-wheel, Semi-trailer heavy equipment transporter  EX.MOD direct sales

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M1000 HETS 40-wheel, Semi-trailer heavy equipment transporter

Inquiry: 108004
Manufactured by:   S&E inc    ID: 488 | Ref MOD:40210
Units Available for sale:   20  

Condition: Mileage Hrs/Kms: 5-20 kms
Year of Manufacture: 1999
The price: P.O.A.

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SPEC SHEET (Description) M1000 HETS 40-wheel, Semi-trailer heavy equipment transporter

M1000 HETS Semi-trailer, (100) 80-ton, 40-wheel, heavy equipment transporter EX.MOD
Heavy Equipment military Transport System
Unused heavy equipment transporters HETS) M1000 Semi-trailer, 80-ton, 40-wheels.
Fully automatic sterring with no need for tractor modification.
5 axle lines: Oscillate for rough terrain, axle 2 - 5 automatically steer.
Axles rotate for access to inner tubes.

A Tyre can be changed in 30 minutes by one person.
Self equalizing hydraulic suspension. Independent from side to side
Pivoting, with compensation to prevent 5th wheel overload.
Two - line straight air brakes with spring - actuated park and emergency features
Hydraulics, control deck height, angle and axle jacking.
Spring assisted loading ramps, can be manually lowered or raised by one person.

Year of Manufacture 1999, test 5-20 kms only
13 Units are in stock and AVAILABLE NOW.
EX military reserve stock which means that they have not seen active service instead being kept back "in reserve" hence the term, to perform localised duties or to be sent in as replacements for vehicles in service which need to be replaced.

These trailers are perfect for use in the civilian role of heavy transport for companies who need to move outsize loads or heavy plant.
The M1000 HETS Semi-trailer were used by the military combined with
the Oshkosh M1070 Tractor Units 8x8.

The specification of the military M1000 (HETS) ex army Semi-trailer EX.MOD

The U.S. Army Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS) consists of the Oshkosh Truck M-1070 Truck Tractor and the M-1000 Heavy Equipment Transporter Semi-trailer manufactured by Systems & Electronics, Inc., St Louis, MO. The HETS transports payloads up to 70 tons primarily M1 Abrams tanks.

HETS operates worldwide on highways, secondary roads, and cross-country. The HETS has a number of features that significantly improve the mobility and overall performance of the system in a tactical environment. The M1070 tractor has front- and rear-axle steering, a central tire-inflation system, and cab space for six personnel to accommodate the two HETS operators and four tank crewmen. The M1000 semi-trailer has automatically steerable axels and a load-leveling hydraulic suspension.

The M-1000 Trailer is 622 inches long (51.8 feet) and 144.8 inches wide at the rear bumper (12.1 feet). The trailer has a curb weight of 50,000 pounds and can carry a payload of 140,000 pounds.

Manufacturer: Systems & Electronics, Incorporated (formerly Southwest Mobile Systems)
Tractor Compatability: the Oshkosh M1070 8x8./ M911 / M746 / MK48 / MK16 / SLT50-2 / M916 and Future U.S. and NATO Tractors

Dimensions M1000 (HETS) Semi-trailer EX.MOD

Length: 622"
Width: Overall - Rear Bumper - 144.8"; Trailer Bed: 119"
Height: Overall - At Handrails - 144"; Fifth Wheel @ CW - 65.4"; @ GCVW - 64.3"
Usable Deck: 403"
Minimum Ground Clearance: 15.8"
Curb Weight: 50,000 lb.
Payload: 140,000 lb.
Payload Capabilities: Self Load/Unload Disabled Tanks

Specifications M1000 (HETS) Semi-trailer EX.MOD:

Axles: 5 Axle Lines, 2 Half-width Axles per Line
Steering: Hydraulically Actuated Mechanical Linkage; Axles 2,3,4 and 5 Automatically Steer
Axle Vertical Travel: 20"

Suspension: Type: Load Leveling Hydraulic, Independent from Side to Side
Suspension Supports: 10 ea.

Brakes: Two-line, Straight Air with Spring-actuated Park/Emergency Features

Tires: Type: Radial, Michelin
Size: 215x75R17.5 Tubeless
Quanity: 40 ea.; Plus 2 Spares

Gooseneck: Type: Pivoting, Hydraulic, Load Compensating
5th Wheel Nominal Height: 63"
Kingpin: 3.5" Diameter; U.S./NATO Heavy Duty Standard, Removable

Released from service by the British MOD (Ministry of Defence)
Location: The Rocket site, DN10 6ET, Doncaster, The UK

Export Requirements: SIEL Stock (Standard Individual Export Licence) Read more

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The video of M1000 HETS 40-wheel, Semi-trailer heavy equipment transporter


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